Ismini And The Fine Art Of Moving Forward

She is never going to tell you what you want to hear. It’s easier to let these sort of things slip into the ether, but you know neither of you will let that happen. We carry around the burden of our connection with another across all the kinds of terrain one might imagine. There is no depot for dropping off memory, no distance to cross that lessens what we have to endure. Time has a way of wedging itself in, of breaking the road up and letting you go home again.

This editorial shot by photographer, Easton Schirra, and featuring the enigmatic beauty Ismini, has a true sense of power to it. There is a strong contrast between the barren and broken landscape and the well adorned stylings of Natalie Hematti. This juxtaposition speaks to some sort of power struggle between the self and the forces of the world. It’s a wonderful sampling of poetic fashion and the fine art of moving forward in style.


Elizabetta Franchi top, Caterina Gatta corset, Mambrini shoes


Pima Doll top, Pima Doll shorts

01450008 Ismini_MG_3997_ESS

Elizabetta Franchi white top, Karoline Lang black top and skirt, model’s own shoes


REESE top, Rachael Cassar dress, Greymer shoes, Cristina Sabatini necklace

Ismini_MG_3569_ESS Ismini_MG_3511_ESS

Rachael Cassar dress, Monika Chang shoes


EMIL Couture cape, Melamed belt


Rachael Cassar top, Rachael Cassar dress, Model’s own shoes


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