Getting Ready With Rachel Harris & Her Girl Gang


Rachel Harris is an abstract expressionistic artist based in Downtown Los Angeles. An industrious painter, and skilled in design, Rachel utilizes raw construction material to produce textured, large-scale works that vary in motif while retaining their form. Still growing and testing her limits, Rachel’s work is a therapeutic process of self-expression. As a model, her unabashed vulnerability in front of the camera—often alongside her pieces—is a demure challenge to traditional assumptions of who an artist is, and what an artist does. Rachel takes the night off of work to enjoy her birthday, and photographer Anthony Williams captures a few snaps while he gets ready with her best girlfriends in a rockstar wife’s closet. This photo series shows an intimate view of the love she has for the ones closest.


“My birthday was comprised of 3 parts. The beginning of the day started on a yacht where I hosted 20 beautiful girls. The second half was spent with a few good friends in the hills, getting ready for the night with a home cooked meal and some treats. This intimate part of the day I hold closest, and the photos capture it perfectly. I ended my night at local, favorite, skate bar, BLACK. It was a perfect example of the many hats I wear actually; model, artist, and LA degenerate.”

IMG_6220 IMG_6241 IMG_6585 IMG_6306 IMG_6436 IMG_6447 IMG_6490 IMG_6509 IMG_6528  IMG_6539   IMG_6553 IMG_6568 IMG_6588 IMG_6607 IMG_6624 IMG_6629 IMG_6641 IMG_6657 IMG_6659 IMG_6669 IMG_6699 IMG_6720 IMG_6724 IMG_6737 IMG_6750 IMG_6769 IMG_6786 IMG_6796

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