Elysian Fields: BB Dakota Fall 16 Spell Binds Us

BB Dakota has launched their fall collection and put a spell on us. They’ve officially incited our first moment of looking forward to the season change. There is something so holistic about fall, something undeniably homey that draws you inward. It is a time for layering and drinking hot whiskey-cider, and wearing draped wool, suede jackets, and earth tones. BBD has done a stellar job at carrying some of the swank from summer into these pieces with well-cut dresses and flowy tops: best of both worlds. Fall is like sleeping with one leg outside the covers; a magical space where you can sweaters and skirts in harmony.

Titled “American Pastoral,” The lookbook features whimsical darling Camilla Christensen as she wanders some golden elysian fields, basking in that perfect fall light. Shot by Zoey Grossman, she pinpoints the cozy-chic feel that leads us out of summer and into something more subdue. And to make things just a little more adorable there is a baby lamb, because why not? Everyone looks cuter while consoling the cutest thing on earth. Thank you BBD for reminding us that although summer will come to an end, there is so much good fashion to look forward to.

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