Art Crush: Rora Blue and the Handle With Care Series

Photo Jul 06

As of late, I’ve been really drawn to artists who move language into a more visual medium. Like the seeing of the words transcends reading and gives them more of a stage on which to be heard. Rora Blue and her Handle With Care Series is the most creative expression of this I’ve come across. Handle With Care is an exploration into sexist language and the pressure of stereotypical gender roles. It has the artist actually performing these traditionally feminine acts in order to create the pieces and adding an interesting paradox to the project. What I mean is, Blue must cook in order to make the bowl above, she must sew in order to adorn the panties below. The action is not only part of the process, but also the conversation as well.

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Handle With Care is a space to take back the language that so often tries to pigeonhole and project us into a kind of person, a woman, or a version of the self we simply are not. It is inspired by words she and other women have heard over the years, brought into light and set into motion during a women’s studies class Blue recently took.  A few months ago we featured some of Blue’s other work, The Unsent Project, which displays unsent texts to old lovers as a way of unburdening the words we carry in our heavy chests. As Blue explores her craft and finds inventive ways to use language, and get our minds turning, we remain crushing hard.

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