Alex Noiret Teaches Us A Thing Or Two About The Apex Of Classic

A very smart woman once told me, there are three things in life you should never be cheap about: oysters, flowers, and cashmere, because all three of them are classics. I am afraid these days with how quick we move, and our tendency to “get over” things, that we are missing the mark on cultivating anything that could be considered classic. Yet, here we have Alex Noiret showing us a thing or two, prancing around Los Angeles in Barrie cashmere, and perfecting the art of being exactly that: a classic. So, we’re taking notes on precisely how to carry that with us.


Barrie Dress, Stylist’s own scarf, Tiffany Kunz earrings, Grey City sandal, Allyn Scura Eyewear 

Shot by Scott Vance around Los Angeles: in iconic Echo Park and the unmistakable marble of the Getty, and a home built in 1903 tucked into the hills that lent the entire shoot an air we can all aspire to. Noiret both modeled and led direction on the shoot creating an editorial vibe that is timeless, at the intersection of class and cool. Noiret embodies an old world Los Angeles that you can spot now only in fleeting afternoons and empty street corners. I think we might all be a little better off if we reached backward to move forward.

Barrie has been producing premium cashmere since it was originally established in the Scottish Borders in 1903. The company was acquired by Chanel in 2012 and their Spring / Summer 2016 collection is making moves toward “the perfect link between poetry and technical innovation.” And it’s true, their chicness and sweet soft touch is worth all the flowers and oysters out there.


Barrie top, Cutler and Gross sunglasses, Tiffany Kunz earrings, Haati Chai chocker, Ekaterina Kukhareva bottoms

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Barrie dress


Barrie dress, Haati Chai necklace, Tiffany Kunz rings

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Barrie top, Tiffany Kunz jewelry, Citizens of Humanity jeans


Barrie dress, Tiffany Kunz jewelry

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Barrie sweater


Barrie dress

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