A Nearly Hundred Year Old Club Catches Our Attention Again This Summer

“Is there anything more satisfying than to keep abreast of the best new books of our time as they appear? In reading them, in enjoying them, in talking with others about them, we feel our day taking shape.” —Book of the Month Club founding statement, 1926

On the long list of reasons why I love to read, the first one is that it is arguably the most productive thing you can do while lying down. But also, because you can do it while beaching, while traveling, while going to bed, or running in place, or while sipping a caipirinha on the coast of some Grecian island while the pool boy fans you. No matter where you read it is always true that part of the allure in a good book is the amount of escapism it can offer you. (See story: How To Travel The World From Your Bedroom.) A good book can and does transport and transform you.


Book of the Month Club takes the guesswork and the legwork out of finding your next read. I don’t trust just anyone with reading recommendations. It’s a sizable chunk of my life given to reading a book. But BOTM has been dolling out good reads since 1926 when Harry Scherman first started it. How much you wanna bet he was a one of those super sexy nerdy men that quotes Tolstoy over snifters of scotch? The club has notoriously good taste, plucking classic reads out out of the ether and launching them into the cannon. For example: Gone With The Wind which was their 10th year pick and to this day is the most popular American book, right after the Bible. I rest my case.

This is the lowdown: You get 1 book a month, but you can add extras for only $9.99. They offer free shipping, because who doesn’t love that? And if you get behind on reading or are leaving town or get temporarily abducted by aliens you can simply just skip a month, no questions asked. On the first of every month they announce their selections, a list of 5 books specially chosen by their judges. And then you have until the 6th of the month to pick which one you want, and then poof, it appears on your front door as if a little literary elf were looking out for you. I am currently waiting for the July picks to come out, eager to see where their interests fall, lest I fall back into the hands of Sylvia Plath once again.


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