This Fox Is A Better Artist Than Me. And Probably You Too.

At its worst Instagram is a suck hole of insecurity, image philandering, and fake. At its best it’s a source of inspiration, a wish list, and a memory treasure trove. But at its pinnacle it is a place to find things like Juniper, The Happiest Fox. Without it how would I ever spend my morning watching videos of a him paint and pounce and be a bundle of joy that makes me giggle out loud while all alone? Thank you Instagram, thank you.


Juniper is a tame red fox living a life of art, long walks, and down comforter curl-sessions. She’s basically living my dream. Raised by her mama, Jessika, since she was just five weeks old, their bond is clear, even over the internet. Foxes bond very intensely to just one or two people. Juniper regularly does a series of paw paintings which her mama sells for her on Etsy. They are a colorful expression of true joy.


On Juniper’s account you can read a series of educational posts by clicking #livingwithjuni. Jessika covers everything from exercise to expenses, diet to the complicated laws of traveling with Juni in tow (which is basically impossible). While Juniper is absolutely adorable, it is made very clear on the account that she is still a fox, a fox not a dog or a cat. Therefore, she acts like a fox. It’s hard work but well worth the love it seems to me.

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