SUSI Studio: Vegan Footwear for Non-Vegans

For most of us urban dwellers, ‘going vegan’ means landing a Friday night reservation at Gracias Madre or some other impeccably designed, higher consciousness eatery serving macro bowls and wellness shots with a side of celebrity sightings. You can’t beat a choice that makes you feel good AND in the know. Truly dedicated vegans, however, understand that there is so much more to the lifestyle than what (or where) you eat and drink.


Los Angeles-based new lifestyle company, SUSI Studio, is one of those champions of veganism who is committed to making the cruelty-free, eco-friendly lifestyle both appealing and attractive. Created by Bianca Moran and run by an all-female team, the brand focuses on creating vegan options for the modern woman. Moran has been a vegan herself since the age of 14, she discovered the lifestyle while living in Barcelona. After opening the first vegan restaurant in the Phillipines, Moran landed in LA to focus on fashion. 


Seeing a void in the industry for versatile, cruelty-free footwear, Moran designed ten styles that would appeal to vegans and non-vegans alike. Inspired by a 60’s retro vibe, the summer collection features platforms, flirty t-strap Mary Janes and an essential laceup loafer. Sustainable materials like canvas and recycled plastic are jazzed up with gingham prints or a patent sheen. She is already planning future collections and collaborations with artists and charities, but so far, socially conscious design never looked so good. 


We were invited to celebrate the launch of over a three-course vegan dinner at Californication House, where Moran also unveiled her Start Today campaign, a series of two-minute videos featuring women who embody the SUSI philosophy of mindful living. It was a truly inspired celebration that left us wanting to click our cruelty-free heels.

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