Girls At Library Has Us Falling In Love With Literature All Over Again

Babes and books, oh my! Girls At Library (GAL) is a online literary hub celebrating the role reading plays in shaping our lives, how it defines us, and the lessons we learn from those pages. GAL is a refreshing and smart look into reading and writing not as a singular or solitary act, but as a life long pursuit available to anyone. The site revolves around a series of dynamic interviews and book recommendations from fearless females who all unite under their intense love of the written word. The result is a space of truth and appreciation: a remarkable resource of inspiration.

GAL is interested in getting to the underlying experience reading naturally creates. We are fickle and forlorn, fast and in love humans. We exist in our own very big world and yet when we read we merge into that of another. We take on the agency and experiences of the books we bring to our table. As you browse through their interviews, while all so different, there is something undeniably same in every single one. What we read, the books that affect us, shape us into the people we become. We are made in the wake of pages that rattle us to the bone. We hold like we are lost at sea to the books that come to our hands in the hard times. We love in new ways because of the characters we meet.


GAL is a space about women who read. For Women who read. This overarching commonality in the interview subjects provides a ribbon through the site that makes the world feel like a smaller and more lovely place than it does other days. We women are all so different and yet: how many read The Bell Jar one hot summer, or fell in love with Henry Miller on a road trip, or Virginia Woolf their first year of college? The conversations in this space weave us all together, filled with wise words from designers and cooks and artists and writers and musicians and lawyers who all simply share the love of lit.


“It’s a weird feeling when you first read something written by a stranger that somehow organizes your own innermost thoughts so eloquently and exactly as you could never have put into your own words.  When you’re able to return to that piece of writing throughout your life and it does the same thing repeatedly, each time in a new way that fits differently but nonetheless just as perfectly, that is a lifelong friend and forever-favorite book.” –Holly Hidday for GAL


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