Exclusive: “Into The Mystic” by Justice Apple

Justice Apple has become one of my favorite dream-weaving photographers. Her work is ethereal and clean. It both makes promises and keeps secrets. This series has all the feels of a postcard that never got put in the mail, a narrative never shared. Shot on a jaunt to Sands Point, New York, on a hazy afternoon, models Megan Puleri & Sveta Matiunina are the perfect compliment to one another.


Megan (right) in, Rachel Comey dress, Dinosaur Designs necklace, a Peace Treaty ring Sveta (left) in, Adam Selman dress and skirt, Gabriela Artigas ring, Leigh Miller earrings

I’ve heard it said before that you can make wishes in fountains on silver coins. It seems silly because they would have no where to go. Your words just sit there and turn to rust, and ragged to cut your fingers on. You can want for a lot in this lifetime.


So, instead you set out to a place, a point, where there is no limit on how large your needs can be. And one by one you throw them into the sea– wishes, wants, and needs all swallowed up by waves and salt and taken far from your reaches for good.


The two of you take turns like the water wont accept more than one request at a time. You hold yourself by the elbows and think of what to say next. She whispers in your ear.

I want to be that whisper.


When I see you two together I wonder how you are whole on your own because you fit so delicately into the spaces most people keep for themselves. Lovely doesn’t seem at all like enough of a word for this. You are the kind of women men used to carve into marble that would last a lifetime. I’m just lucky enough to bear witness to it.


When the sun starts to set you walk on home. You tell me it feels lighter now, not carrying all those words with you anymore. I tell you, you look it too.

LiveFAST_JusticeApple7 liveFAST_JusticeApple8

Megan (left) – WRAY top, screaming mimis vintage pants, Dinosaur designs cuff, aska sandals, Sveta (right) – Rachel Comey Shirt and Shoes, Trademark skirt, gabriela artigas ring


Megan (left) in, Rachel Comey Top, ICB pant, Matt Bernson shoes, Dinosaur Designs bracelets Sveta (right) in, Ellery top, Spencer Vladamir skirt, Aska sandals, The Satomi Studio earrings

liveFAST_JusticeApple11 liveFAST_JusticeApple12 liveFAST_JusticeApple13 liveFAST_JusticeApple14 liveFAST_JusticeApple15 liveFAST_JusticeApple16 liveFAST_JusticeApple17

“I don’t have to fear it and I want to rock your gypsy soul
Just like way back in the days of old
And magnificently we will flow into the mystic” – Van Morrison

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