Art Crush: Justin Vague And His Mates

For the past five years, Australian photographer Justin Vague has been taking pictures of his friends being nothing besides themselves. The result is an honest look at the spirit of being young: those long nights and the ambient boredom of youth that leads to maniacal nonsense. Shot on 35mm film, Justin switched from digital in search of a less formal method of capturing. He wanted something he could keep in his pocket while he partied.

The quality of the pictures and the candid nature of them feels almost like anti-photography exploration, fuck concepts and mood boards, models and makeup artists. They are the epitome of “snapshots” and the result feels something close to a time capsule. Most of these pictures were taken in Australia, a few on a recent trip around the US, as he and his mates ran amok, got wasted, played danger can, and generally lived life the way it should be lived: eyes wide open, big smiles, and no regrets. Vague plans to put on a exhibition of this series later this year in Melbourne, which would no doubt in itself be a wild fucking time.

lorne_01 vb_shotgun_01 sweat_01 Sweat_17 mmr_01


claudia_02 tiana_01 ricky_01 usa_02 bill_01 boogie_02 ella_01 kringus_02 heavy_02

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