RFK Mural Fest: The Most Inspiring Way To Support Arts Education In Schools

Branded Arts is an LA-based organization founded by Live FAST longtime friend and contributor Warren Brand that offers a full spectrum of artistic services, and the Robert F. Kennedy Mural Festival is their latest beautiful brainchild. The festival has been running all week, with a grand reception Friday May 27th. The festival hosts of 28 different artists all painting murals throughout the RFK Community Schools. The work is out of this world, art on a scale that is nothing short of arresting.

This is the kind of world I want to be living in. It is inspiring to see a community come together and give attention to the necessity of arts education in schools. And it’s inspiring to see artists create massive murals like monuments for these kids to remind them everyday what a beautiful world this can be if we choose to make it so. Their motivational messages ring clear and true across the campus. The space itself is already an interesting one, built on the site of the Ambassador Hotel. The school was designed to honor the heritage of the place by keeping aspects of the original structure and preserving the Cocoanut Grove Theater.

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RFK Community Schools were built to address overcrowded and underperforming schools, a means to relieve some of the pressure, and now educates over 4000 students within six autonomous pilot schools. Students have been participating in the creation of murals within the festival through workshops led by artists and seminars on campus.

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The message behind such an event is one we should never stop spreading. Our children need art, and our art needs them. Keep our schools creative. Head down, like now, the grand opening is May 27th. So hustle on down there and show your support. Enjoy some work in progress shots!

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The @BrandedArts RFK Mural Festival. Grand Reception Friday May 27th 5pm-11pm at Robert F. Kennedy Community Schools, 701 S. Catalina St. Los Angeles CA 90005

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