Max Lowe Points Us To The Infinite Horizon Of Bocas Del Torro

Every once in a while an email will pop up in my inbox and it answers my ever-present question: where in the world is Max Lowe? What interests me the most about his travels is not just the incredible images he brings home, but that he seems to continuously be in places I might not readily think to look. He explores corners of the globe tucked in amongst themselves just waiting for the brave and the curious traveler. He tells this comes from, “a hunger to push the boundaries of international travel… countries that were perceived as too dangerous to visit in the past 20-30 years (may still be perceived that way by many people), but when you get there, with a solid head on your shoulders and the impetus to get into more remote places on your own, you can find some of the still more unique destinations like Bocas Del Toro.”


These images were take on his recent trip to Bocas, a small and colorful surf-town in Panama, that was built by the United Fruit Company in the early 20th century. It has infinite sunrises and sunsets, and #Caribbeanvibes for days. Max set off “to capture a snapshot of this wanderlust’ing generation, the environment, and the clash of culture they had found in it.” He met up with a few friends who had been living in Bocas since January and fell in love with the the hum of the place. They spent their days surfing the nearby breaks, wandering through the jungles, spearfishing, climbing palm trees, drinking more rum than thought to be humanly possible, and staying up so late it was early again to watch the sun kiss the horizon a second time.

We have a massive world to explore and the farther we go the bigger it seems to get. The more places we visit the more places we add to the list. The horizon is endless and with places like Bocas and people like Max pointing us in the right direction we just might never stop. There are paradises to be experienced and we want to find the worlds inside of our big world, those bright and delicious, fill your senses to the brim kind of places.


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