Lingerie Guide: Isosceles

Creating new lingerie looks and styles is a challenge due to the strict parameters of intimate apparel. Bras, panties and suspenders are all extremely small garments, needing to function and be both comfortable and aesthetically pleasing. Essentially, there is only so much you can do when it comes to lingerie. So when we see labels using inventive and original concepts, we take note. Isosceles is one such independent label, making waves out of London with their debut collection.


Isosceles derives its name from the triangle and could not be more appropriate for their designs, which consist of shapes that work together to swathe the curves of a woman’s body in artistic geometry. Isosceles designs consist of multicolored, graphic shapes cut in stretch tulle, creating the effect of an architectural rainbow.


For example, one such brief- the ‘Infinito’ – is a single continuous strip of fabric, wrapping around the body without the use of side seams. The triangles of the bras are placed and seamed so they support the breast without need for underwire and the ‘Umbra’ suspender consists of shapes that flatter and balance various bra and brief styles in the collection.


With the use of sheer stretch tulle in vibrant colors, these angular shapes are exaggerated. The overall effect is striking.

Umbra_Body_CU_ Umbra_Body_CU_Back

One that makes me think not only of late 80’s bodycon, but the neon signs of the era and the art-deco influence evidenced in the decade’s interiors and design. Think Miami, electric lights and punchy, brain-searing shades. For such seemingly simple pieces of fabric to include and evoke such references is rare.

Mark-Blower-150709-Isoceles-Lookbook-0043 Orange_Umbra_bra___brief

Designer Cicely Travers honed her skills with corsetieres and panty producers to the British royal family, Rigby and Peller, before finishing her education with a Contour Fashion Degree at the world’s preeminent lingerie design school De Montfort University. Such top-tier training combined with natural talent and a unique flair has us  eager to follow Travers and the evolution of Isosceles.

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