BB Dakota and Purienne Serve Us Up Some Summer

We’ve got our summer vibes on overdrive as BB Dakota launches their newest collection. This Summer 16′ lookbook was shot in the Hollywood Hills by photographer Henrik Purienne of 70’s styled ultra-babe Kristine Froseth. BBD’s perfectly orchestrated collection will give you the right ratios of babe-on-the-run and boss-in-charge for these hot months. They’ve set us up with chambray denim jumpsuits and wide leg trousers to get you in the right gear. Leave it to BBD to give us all the incentives to clock out of work early and head to the nearest watering hole. Because they’ve got us wanting long drives with the windows down and seeking out all sorts of shifty trouble up in those high hills.


She has been ogling summer from afar; waiting and plotting for these endless nights and sweat dripping down the breast bone kind of days. She is half-dressed half the time, and feeling like the sun may never set. She’s got summer slung around her wrists, secrets on secrets between her hips. She is a tall order for a patient man as they drive into the hills, looking down over a city that doesn’t know how to go to sleep.

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