Alexander Graeser: On Telling Stories

This series by photographer, Alexander Graser, of model, Taylor Greene, feels like the start of a much longer story. It’s the nondescript motel, I think, and it has a lot to do with her eyes. She is always invested in something just outside of the frame, and it imbues them with a longing I cannot put my finger on, cannot name. To me, she feels drifty and aloof about about her place in the world and what it means. The images with her face encrusted in gold feel like some kind of break from the rest of the visual narrative. They are more like a projected memory–how she might look back and see herself on this evening. We do that as people, see ourselves differently in the past, glitter faced and not at all like we were. I read somewhere that your memories are altered by who you are when you are doing the remembering. If I were telling her story it might sounds like this…


Dress Under by Manokhi / Shirt by OTT

One time in Reno I woke up in a motel room with a new tattoo on my inner thigh that says Viva. I’d been traveling around the western half the country with a terrible band, but I liked the bass player and the beer was always free. I was aware, even at the time, that it would be one of those phases of my life I rarely spoke on but thought about often. I watched small America towns roll by out the dirty bus window. After a few days I was convinced we’d been driving in circles, they were all so the same. I was convinced we weren’t getting anywhere, but really we were everywhere…


Shirt by Olena Dats’ / Jacket by DAY Birger et Mikkelson


Dress by GIG Couture / Earrings by Erickson Beamon


Dress Under by Manokhi / Shirt by OTT


Top and body suit by Aeneas Erlking


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