Valfré Releases Under The Sea Collection

The latest collection from Valfré reimagines Ariel’s underwater wardrobe with babydoll punk styles suitable for any soirée, or for Lana Del Rey if she were submerged in Atlantis. The LA-based label combines its signature cheeky tees with ocean-inspired details like shell-shaped pockets or scallop-printed gold lamé reminiscent of the glistening scales of a tropical fish.

Their signature must-haves are also updated to reflect the theme. Valfré lovers will covet the pink satin mermaid bomber, and the “Shellphone” case will no doubt find its place among Editors Picks for best spring accessories.

What better descriptive for this collection than to say it’s Epic, in an ‘Odyssey’ kind of way, and sure to launch a million coastal vacations this summer.

Greens fronds of a cane palm growing in a garden or tropical rainforest, close up full frame background view valfre-under-the-sea-3 valfre-under-the-sea-4 valfre-under-the-sea-5 valfre-under-the-sea-6 valfre-under-the-sea-7 valfre-under-the-sea-8 valfre-under-the-sea-9


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