Lookbook Lust: Jack by BBD SS16 “Suburban Daze”

Olivia Malone has captured Delilah Parillo on a quintessential summer afternoon in Jack by BB Dakota. The days are hot, humid, and stretch out like miles. She is restless and seeking something to make her heart beat faster. The suburbs are circling around her: cul-de-sac’s and trimmed grass. She is waiting for her world to start, and summer is a lifetime. Time has slowed to a drip.


She spends the afternoon practicing her cursive in love letters to a boy up north who tongue kisses like that is what life was made for. She lays in the backyard, tanning and reading the Bell Jar, baby oil and lemon juice. She drinks the peach schnapps from the cupboard above the stove and thinks about where she might go next, about taking the car and driving north to get kissed. She thinks about who she might be when the summer is over, and just how long it will last.

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