Retro Raunch: Maison Close Through The Eye Of Wanda Orme (NSFW)

Model, photographer, artist and all-round renaissance woman Wanda Orme has collaborated with French brand Maison Close on what has got to be one of the coolest lingerie shoots we’ve seen in a long time, and it’s right here on #LiveFASTSecretSociety. Bringing the affecting energy that only a woman of both substance and sex appeal can, Orme is captured by photographer Tafv Sampson on Polaroid Land Camera.


Maison Close’s risqué, luxurious designs are the perfect wardrobe for this walk through dark desires. Film Noir, occult-tinged and resembling 70’s erotica, Orme references Guy Bourdin’s famous 1976 ‘Sighs and Whispers’ catalogue for Bloomingdale’s, an epic, and to this day, unparalleled example of fashion photography, as well as a a virtual piece-by-piece guide to the decade’s defining lingerie styles.

maisonclose_wandaorme_tafvsampson06 maisonclose_wandaorme_tafvsampson13

 Triangle-shaped bras keep with the period’s cuts, yet are given a modern update with open cups, the sort of daring detail Maison Close has made its signature. Thin-strapped suspenders and stockings continue this theme and the inclusion of harness collars reference bondage-play merely insinuated in the work of Bourdin. An evolution this is indeed – both an homage and a new perspective.

maisonclose_wandaorme_tafvsampson17 maisonclose_wandaorme_tafvsampson18

One of the most appealing aspects of 70’s lingerie and erotica that Orme and Maison Close perfectly capture here is the silhouette. While modern styles aim to mold and manipulate the female body into something it’s often not (often furthered with the element of too-perfect post-production), these styles accentuate a natural look we rarely see these days. A swathe of perfectly cut fabric caressing a teardrop breast, or a low, hip-sitting brief can remind us that the greatest appeal often lies in us, in our bodies, just the way they are. You just need the right lingerie.

maisonclose_wandaorme_tafvsampson07 maisonclose_wandaorme_tafvsampson04 maisonclose_wandaorme_tafvsampson03 maisonclose_wandaorme_tafvsampson14 maisonclose_wandaorme_tafvsampson11 maisonclose_wandaorme_tafvsampson12 maisonclose_wandaorme_tafvsampson15 maisonclose_wandaorme_tafvsampson16 maisonclose_wandaorme_tafvsampson05 maisonclose_wandaorme_tafvsampson10 maisonclose_wandaorme_tafvsampson02

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