A Photo Series To Give You All The Feels: In The Conversation We Are Not Having

This Godard-inspired photo series was created to mend a broken heart and exercise our skills at telling the truth. This happened because I have been interested in the ways we harbor statements. I am interested in the things that go unsaid between people, and where those words live, and how they hang in the air. I’d been having a lot of feels lately and staying up at night watching Godard films. And I’d been thinking how Anna Karina and her aching heart is the epitome of the space I was in. I think it’s a condition to keep things to yourself and something we all do far too often.

Erika Astrid, a remarkably talented photographer and dear friend gave me a space to exercise all those pieces that were bouncing around inside me. She shot this series in a motel in a small town in Idaho. The drive there had a feeling of both openness and isolation, as much of Idaho does. Model, Elizabeth Resnick, had the eyes we were looking for – a longing, a loss, and an ache that I wasn’t sure we’d be able to find. Erika used the films we’d been watching as an inspiration and let the mood carry her through. I penned all the subtitles as an exercise in truth– an effort to find my own door out. The result is a story about a girl who is in conversation with the space she is stuck in. A space both familiar and one she’d like to forgo.

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