Photo Femmes: Three Must See Emerging Female Photographers

There is an art in itself to a well curated show. It is a true experience when a gallery wraps itself around you, and gives you the space and the blessing to get lost in the work. It is a sensation we go searching for time and time again. Photo Femmes will open April 13th and run until May 17th at De Re Gallery in Los Angeles. The exhibit will feature the work of three emerging female photographers: Ashley Noelle, Bojana Novakovic, and Monroe. Each collection is entirely unique and particular to the artist herself. It is a gathering of inspiration and a force of creative nature; a foretelling of the incredible work we can expect to see from these women in the future.


Monroe serves as both photographer and subject in her series of nude self portraits. They are taken at what appears to be the ends of the earth. Her body is as we all might hope to one day be: wild, free, and completely at home.

Monroe_livefast3 Monroe_livefast1 Monroe_livefast5 Monroe_livefast6


Ashley Noelle transports us to a different time of Los Angeles entirely, one tinged and laced with nostalgia for days long since gone by. Her series features beauty Gigi Hadid who is the perfect centerpiece for Noelle’s work. Her classic 60’s girl aura is captivating. The result is pure magic and a bit of time travel.

Ashley Noelle_livefast2 Ashley Noelle_livefast1 Ashley Noelle_livefast3 Ashley Noelle_livefast5 Ashley Noelle_livefast7


Actress and Photographer Bojana Novakovic traveled to Nepal after the earthquakes of April and May 2015. With camera in hand she shot this series titled, White Girl In Nepal. It is a remarkably eager and honest view into the pocket of time she inhabited there. The world is shown as a raw, vibrant, and truthful place. All proceeds from picture sales will go to the The B Project.

Bojana Novakovic _livefast1 Bojana Novakovic_livefast2 Bojana Novakovic_livefast3 Bojana Novakovic_livefast4 Bojana Novakovic_livefast5

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