Meet Me In Zihuatanejo Vol. 1 Launch Party at LOOT

This past week we went back to LOOT to unveil the first volume of our #MeetMeinZihuatanejo book series in collaboration with photographer Magdalena Wosinska. As always, we were greeted like queens with a Laguna Suite at the stunning Viceroy down the street (did I mention the private pool?). The Semana Zanka programming dragged us along on a non-stop party train from Iki Yasuo‘s opening night on Friday to dancing with Mexico City rockstars Rey Pila & LA-based The Great Indoors on Saturday night after our show, to curing our hangover on a yacht on Sunday. Good times!

Rey_Pila_LiveFast_001 Rey_Pila_LiveFast_002 Rey_Pila_LiveFast_003 Rey_Pila_LiveFast_004 Rey_Pila_LiveFast_008 Rey_Pila_LiveFast_007 Rey_Pila_LiveFast_014 Rey_Pila_LiveFast_012 Rey_Pila_LiveFast_015 Rey_Pila_LiveFast_022 Rey_Pila_LiveFast_059

The Great Indoors

Rey_Pila_LiveFast_032 Rey_Pila_LiveFast_031 Rey_Pila_LiveFast_047 Rey_Pila_LiveFast_043 Rey_Pila_LiveFast_041 Rey_Pila_LiveFast_039 Rey_Pila_LiveFast_038 Rey_Pila_LiveFast_037 Rey_Pila_LiveFast_036 Rey_Pila_LiveFast_035 Rey_Pila_LiveFast_034 Rey_Pila_LiveFast_050

Rey Pila

Rey_Pila_LiveFast_060 Rey_Pila_LiveFast_061 Rey_Pila_LiveFast_063 Rey_Pila_LiveFast_065 Rey_Pila_LiveFast_103 Rey_Pila_LiveFast_100 Rey_Pila_LiveFast_098 Rey_Pila_LiveFast_096 Rey_Pila_LiveFast_094 Rey_Pila_LiveFast_092 Rey_Pila_LiveFast_084 Rey_Pila_LiveFast_082 Rey_Pila_LiveFast_078 Rey_Pila_LiveFast_074 Rey_Pila_LiveFast_070

L’Agent Goodies…