I’d Follow You Anywhere: Hirschy and Daria Kobayashi Ritch

I get mesmerized by photographer Daria Kobayashi Ritch. I can spot her work at a glance. There is a particular flare to it. She has a finessed style, and there is a certain glow her images always keep. It is not easy to be consistent, and measured, and on point. But hey, she does it. Her work is sharp. Her coloring is clearly intentional and it keeps every shoot cohesive. The girls she captures always have a particularly fascinating look to them. They lure you into the images. Model, Hirschy, is one such lady here in this series. Her long angular limbs and her strong brow line are from another planet entirely, and one I desperately want to be from or at the very least be allowed to visit and stare. She is glowing against this desolate nowhere backdrop. The contrast created between the space and the stylings of Donna Lisa make for a captivating and curious slice of time. Honestly, I’d follow these two anywhere.


Issey Miyake top

donna.live_fast1 donna.live_fast2 donna.livefast_3

Maria Dora top and pant

donna.livefast_5 donna.livefast_6

Maria Dora top and pant

donna.livefast_12 donna.livefast_14 donna.livefast.7

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