Embrace Your Basic: Coachella 2016 Edition (AS IF)

Everyone loves to make fun of Coachella – it’s a pretty easy target, and at times it feels kind of like an SNL parody of itself – bands with names that could only be imagined while on Mushrooms, outfits that look like Game of Thrones costumes (or maybe the classy softcore porn version of GOT at least), a rainbow of wristbands worn like bangles in some African tribe as status symbols to show everyone else how VIP you truly are, it’s a world with its own language and rituals… but at the center of it are people. Friends. Tribes. And with the exception of a few dramatic moments regarding cellphone reception, a slightly bad trip, an overpriced uber, or a long line at Spicy Pie, everyone is having a good time. You look into a sea of thousands of people from all over the world, all of them different and unique and beautiful, and you see smiles on their faces, hands in the air, and you realize for at least a brief moment we’re all in this together… and it’s pretty fantastic. 

The best part about Coachella is seeing your friends, the ones who live 7,000 miles away and only visit once a year, the ones who live a few blocks away and you see every day… the ones you swore you’d never lose track of, but it’s still good to bump into behind the main stage, and the ones you swore you’d never speak to again but you realize time heals all wounds. ~ Steven Meiers @toastycakes


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