Breaking A Monster: A Voyeuristic Critique On The Defeating Nature Of The Music Industry

Breaking A Monster explores the music industry machine through the narrative of metal band, Unlocking The Truth. The film chronicles the band’s rise to stardom: from playing in their parents’ basement in Brooklyn to being signed to Sony Records with a 1.8 million dollar deal, and the madness that unfolds after. Unlocking The Truth is comprised of 12 and 13-year old Alec Atkins, Malcolm Brickhouse, and Jarad Dawkins. To makes matters even more complicated, these young men are simultaneously trying to navigate the territory of growing up while being hurled into the spotlight.

The short film featured above was created by director, Luke Meyers, as a precursor to Breaking A Monster. He began filming the band before “anything happened.” And as luck would have it, a lot has happened now. The film is a voyeuristic critique on the defeating nature of the music industry. These young men are backed into corners where marketing and image is the only thing that seems to matter, preventing them from doing the one thing they want to do – release an album.

The Kickstarter is open until April 29th with the goal of $55,ooo to release Breaking A Monster into theaters across the country. You can spread the word. You can ask to see it in a theater near you. You can donate here.

“A wonderful takedown of the modern music industry machine disguised as a conventional documentary that simply tracks a band’s rise to stardom” – 4:3 Film

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