Where The Wild Things Are: Gardenia By Carly Foulkes

It’s time for a good night out. We’ve all been working so hard. And one of our favorite ladies, Carly Foulkes, is putting on an art show. Join us this Friday, April 1st from 7-10 at Studio Atwater in Los Angeles. The show features some remarkably beautiful women captured in their most natural capacity. They are unadorned, naked yet not sexualized, and undeniably empowered in their flesh. The few images here feature behind the scenes and process shots of what went into putting this beautiful event together. It is a guaranteed treat for your senses. The event will also host a performance by beauty and insanely talented musician Pearl Charles, also featured in these images. Thank heavens for women everywhere.

carly_livefast3 carly_livefast2 carly_livefast7 carly_livefast6 carly_livefast5 carly_liveefast1

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