The Big Bloom: This Floral Installation Is Everything

Every year, there is a thirteen week long period where I fall in love with the city all over again. I roll down the windows while crawling across the 405, begging the sun’s last rays to kiss my skin one more time before disappearing into the horizon. Early morning walks to grab coffee are prolonged as I stop to Instagram every flowing vine of bougainvillea I pass. The nights are warm and the air smells of sweet morning dew and honeysuckle twenty-four hours a day. I suppose I’m not the only one who ushers in the spring season with a heightened appreciation of the technicolor hues and delicious scents of florals – Rebecca Louise Law recently debuted her first outdoor flower installation.


Known for her collaborations with top fashion houses like Hermes and Mulberry, “Celebration of Spring” was Law’s form of indulging in the new season’s arrival. Set in London’s St. Christopher’s Place, this installation was her outdoor debut. Law states the materiality of flowers – their plump life and skeletal demise, as a driving force behind her work. Rather than finding the delicate properties of cut flowers fickle, she finds the natural decaying process beautiful.


Initially inspired by a childhood memory of a drive to a field of oxeye daisies, the driving purpose behind each installation is to bring her spectators closer to nature. As I imagine the scent of dripping Peony Rose petals, I come to one last conclusion: immersing oneself in cascading blooms is to be closer to heaven. Follow more of Rebecca Louise Law’s work here.


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