Skullcandy: 15 Days In Europe With Friends Is Like This… [Video]

Adhering to the Live FAST philosophy to live each moment to its fullest, we set out each summer in search of the ultimate, month-long travel adventure. This past July, I wrangled some of my besties to join me on the #LiveFASTSummerTour journey. I picked Laura Austin for her incredible talent for capturing landscapes and culture, and her precious ability to change a flat tire and problem solve pretty much everything that could go wrong on any given day. I chose Ali Mitton for her contagious energy, amazing vision and skill for capturing the essence of women in their most natural and beautiful light. And last but not least, I invited my longtime girlfriend, Chelsea Schuchman, a well-travelled, badass chameleon who can thrive in any situation and who looks her best first thing in the morning, without any makeup on. With three allies who are always down to create with or without a purpose, I was ready to go off the grid.

First, we set our sights on Turkey, this beautiful, complex and sometimes misunderstood country that sits right in the middle of Europe in the Middle East – a colorful epicenter of life and culture. Having wanted to visit Croatia for a while, we decided to end the adventure with a more traditional European coastal vacay in Dubrovnik, the gem of the Adriatic. This trek from Turkey to Croatia is filled with balloon rides, large breakfasts, boat rides and endless pots of coffee. Hope it leaves you hungry for life and incredibly inspired!!! Head over to Skullcandy’s blog for the full story!

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