Pony & The Kid: Out in the High Desert with Cailin Russo and Lera Pentelute

In a no fucks given high desert rendezvous, Cailin Russo and Lera Pentelute evoke the badassery of Thelma and Louise with a crisp color palate, their dreamy eyes, and lips that beg to be kissed.

The barren landscape lets their beauty be louder. It runs and bounces, echoes off the rock face and carries far beyond this scene. These images have a wanton and wander vibe, out here just for the sake of not being in there. A certain bond in the in-between spaces of how we spend afternoons with those we keep close, those who just get us.

This editorial was shot on a happenstance afternoon by photographer and musician Korey Dane, Lera’s boyfriend, out in the high desert near his dad’s place. While shooting stills, Korey naturally transitioned into shooting a music video on Super 8 for his new single, Pony & The Kid. He said to Interview Magazine, “I pulled the Super 8 out when I didn’t feel like changing rolls in my Leica.” So, no big deal, just some major impromptu magic happenings. And all expertly captured for us to feast on.

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