Live FAST Travelogue: RVCAloha

Growing up, my grandpa was a salesman for an art supply store and he would often go on week-long corporate retreats around the world. Every time he left, I was riddled with jealousy and awaited his return impatiently, romanticizing the landscapes he’d seen and the wild critters he’d make friends with. His stacks of National Geographic magazines and his exceptional work ethics are a huge part of the driving force that brought me where I am today.

Twenty years later, I am a grown ass business woman who can dream up her own fabulous company getaways, but I do still get FOMO once in a while, and RVCAloha is one of those instances. Check out the full story and shop the looks on RVCA.COM here.

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“The beauty of the RVCA brand is its ability to bring such a diverse group of women together as one community. Nine of RVCA’s female advocates recently flew in from California, France and Australia, bringing a diverse mix of talents from fine art and singing to photography and surfing, for a week of creative collaboration on the North Shore where the brand creates a second home during the winter and activates around the concept of “RVCAloha.”


“The goal being not only to find inspiration from their surroundings but also to find inspiration in one another, and to have a little bit of fun while doing it. RVCA’s ethos is “The Balance of Opposites”, and it is these trips that truly exemplify this idea. We’re excited to continue celebrating the creative greatness of our artists and advocates and give further insight into their unique talents and personalities through our 2016 “Inspired by” campaign.”

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