Lingerie Guide: Fleur of England SS16 Mint Green Collection

The best lingerie can either provide an escapist fantasy or refined comfort, very rarely both, but the SS16 Fleur of England collection challenges this divide. Using silky charmeuse, luxurious lace and a soft mint palette, Designer Fleur Turner has you believe that the greatest escapes are often simple, like a breath of fresh air, or the morning sun spilling in your bedroom after a good night’s sleep.

Inspired by Turner’s weekend getaways to the English countryside, the collection employs texture and print characteristic of classic British interiors – wide wallpaper striping or antique lace reminiscent of country home window curtains – modernized with panels of sheer tulle. Each piece is a vision of ease and effortless style, for the cool, calm and collected woman whose pleasure comes from paring down.


“I have been designing this effortlessly idyllic collection based on inspirations from my weekend getaway to the Cotswolds,” designer Fleur Turner explains. “It is easy to lose yourself in such a peaceful setting and this luxury lingerie collection reflects this enchantment. This ornate collection with sheer tulle and soft silk satins will ensure that you find yourself in a world of tranquillity. With inspiration stemming from the English countryside, this mint green shade was a gorgeous choice to use for this collection. The lavish vintage mint with splashes of sage and cucumber is aesthetically perfect for SS16.”

Fleur-of-England-SS16-Mint-Babydoll Fleur-of-England-SS16-Mint-Boudoir-Bra-and-Brief Fleur-of-England-SS16-Mint-Boudoir-Bra-and-Brief-back Fleur-of-England-SS16-Mint-Boudoir-Bra-and-PJ-Trouser-1024x683 Fleur-of-England-SS16-Mint-Camisole-and-Brief Fleur-of-England-SS16-Mint-Robe

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