Lingerie Guide: Hopeless Lingerie “Crucial Taunt”

If you’re a 90’s kid like me, then you wouldn’t have needed any explanation regarding Hopeless Lingerie‘s new collection, for you too would’ve instantly and excitedly asked “Is this lingerie inspired by Wayne’s World?!”

Yes, my friends, it is. 

Wayne’s dreamweaver ‘Cassandra,’ played by scorching hot 90’s babe Tia Carrera, is muse to this new collection by Australian indie label Hopeless. ‘Crucial Taunt’ features many a Hopeless design signature, such as gartered straps and cut-outs in sheer fabrics. But this time, breaking up the label’s typically ‘almost all black, all the time’ palette are red lace and blue tie-dye fabrics in 90’s body-con shapes. If those alone weren’t a dead giveaway as to who this season’s heroine was, perhaps an oversized hoop earring and python provided a clue?


Designer Gabriella Adamidis is known for taking inspiration from film, typically B-horror and cult favorites, previously referencing classics like Metropolis (1927), Rosemary’s Baby (1968) and Vampyros Lesbos (1971). Most of the cinematic references in Hopeless designs reside in the more sinister end of the sensual realm, so it’s an awesome surprise to see attire inspired by one of the hottest and most bad-ass female leads in a comedy, ever. This label keeps surprising, but always inspiring – who didn’t want to be Cassandra growing up? Shredding a guitar in a floral, red lace, cupped bustier dress? 



Adamidis’ eye for lingerie in film is second to none. In fact, search #lingerieinfilm and follow the Hopeless Snapchat and Instagram and not only is there a good chance you’ll get insight to future Hopeless inspo, you’ll quickly run up a new ‘must-watch’ film list.

Go forth dreamwomen and know that when you need to look and feel like a babe, a robo-babe, Babia Majora, Baberaham Lincoln, well, Hopeless has got you covered on the wardrobe front. Shop the collection here.










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