Chasing The Sun, 100 Grams At A Time

Nanda Hampe is the epitome of a woman who lives fast. We met back in 2006 in New York and I was immediately taken by her. She is well-traveled, intelligent, outspoken, and wonderfully fearless. And I have admired her for years as these qualities have come to shape a life as gorgeous as her.

We became super close in the midst of terrible break-up I was weathering. She graciously offered me her luminous Brooklyn apartment as a bounce back nook while she was spending most of her time in Italy. She was always fortunate as a fashion model, and bit less lucky when it came to picking men. However, all that changed on a night out in our old stomping ground, Pravda, when we bumped into Bartolomeo Toto.

He was a man who, like Nanda, cultivated and celebrated his inner child and the whimsical things in life. He was just as eager to hop on a plane as she was and they shared an insatiable thirst for discovery. They were married in 2011 and have been chasing the sun as a duo ever since, photographing their journeys on iPhone and sharing them onto their Instagram account, @100gramsofsun, which is expanding today onto a fully grown travel blog.

The new website features the couples’ adventures in the Amalfi Coast, Aruba, Pamukkale, Havana, Brazil and Red Lotus Lake. Their perspective is effortless and informed, and definitely sprinkled with a bit of magic. As 100 Grams of Sun grows, I see it becoming the one-stop-shop site for adventure travelers seeking under the radar destinations and a perfectly curated address book in the shape of an expressive mood board.


“Our motto is: ‘let’s play – don’t grow up’. It reminds us to see the world through the wide eyes of a curious child. Children live in the present moment and see the world in a different a light – a brighter one.” ~ Nanda Hampe

100GramsOfSun-Nanda-and-Bartolomeo-Sicily-Italy 100GramsOfSun-AmalfiCoast-Italy-1 100GramsofSun-AmalfiCoast-Italy-2 100GramsOfSun-Havana-Cuba 100GramsOfSun-Bali-Indonesia-2 100GramsOfSun-Bali-Indonesia 100GramsOfSun-Flamingo-Island-Aruba-1 100GramsOfSun-FlamingoBeach-Aruba-2 100GramsOfSun-Florence-Italy 100GramsOfSun-KsarGhilane-Tunisia 100GramsOfSun-Krabi-Thailand 100GramsOfSun-KoLading-Thailand 100GramsOfSun-Pamukkale-Turkey-1 100GramsOfSun-RedLotusLake-Thailand 100GramsOfSun-Varadero-Cuba 100GramsOfSun-Vieques-PuertoRico 100GramsofSun-Nairobi-Kenya-1 100GramsOfSun-Nairobi-Kenya-2 100GramsOfSun-NandaandBartolomeo-Samburu-Kenya

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