Amuse Society Summer ’16 “Lost At Sea”

Amuse Society just launched their Summer ’16 collection featuring model Barbara Di Creddo seaside on a beach we’re not sure is in Malibu or the French Riviera. The whole motif is expertly captured: photography by Brydie Mack and video by Spencer Byam-Taylor. They have this mirage kind of effect. We’re there, transported, slipped through time and space. Di Creddo is a tall drink of water with her salty summer-time hair and legs for days.

Aptly titled, Lost At Sea, it is filled with the staples that Amuse does so well: perfectly worn in tees, flowing beachy dresses, and a sprinkling of statement pieces that wrap the whole look together. It is an embodiment of the easy days in life where the universe turns cards in your favor and your drink is perfectly chilled. With a wardrobe as effortless and chic as relaxing in the Riviera itself, Amuse inspires all who are land locked to sell their house plants and appliances and move to the nearest body of water.

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