What Would You Say To Your First Love? The Unsent Project

Is the unsent text the new never-mailed love letter? What if you could finally tell your first love how it felt, how it still feels? What would you say?  What words do you whisper when they leave?  Rora Blue and The Unsent Project is an exploration into the art of unrequited language. She is giving us a platform to speak the words we keep locked away to those loves we “let go.”

It works like this: You visit the site and click submit. Here you pick a color, the one you associate with this person (a further exploration into how we think and feel in color). Then a template pops up and you insert their name and your message into the colored box. You screen shot it and send it to the email provided where it is instantly archived with the thousands of other unsent texts.

The archives are a fascinating place filled with heartache and resilience and a level of honesty I do not think we get enough of these days. I am fascinated by how universal it feels. The more particular we are in our words the more relatable it becomes to other people. Some of the unsent’s are turned into stickers and placed in public places, because why not. We love art for the sake of art, just to make people stop and stare, and think for flittering second. Rora Blue and the Unsent Project, we thank you.
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