Lookbook Lust: “Welcome To Afends Country, Elle”

Byron Bay-based lifestyle label, Afends, is whispering sweet nothings across the seas. We are having dreams of afternoons on streets we’ve never seen, and late mornings half put together between the sheets. They’ve got us wanting an easy kind of speed. Their Spring 16 campaign, shot by Samuel Nolan and featuring model, Elle Brittain, is tickling some deep seeded fantasies; girl-next-door turned woman-of-our-dreams. She is pouty lipped and innocent eyed and drawn together in all the right places – the perfect canvas for their casually cool collection. Their overall vibe imbues their clothing with a lifestyle we want to embody on the daily – free-thinking, fun-loving, a no holds barred kind of spirit.

AFENDS-AUTUMN-2016-003 AFENDS-AUTUMN-2016-007 copy AFENDS-AUTUMN-2016-010 copy AFENDS-AUTUMN-2016-014 copy AFENDS-AUTUMN-2016-018 copy AFENDS-AUTUMN-2016-023 copy AFENDS-AUTUMN-2016-026 copy AFENDS-AUTUMN-2016-030 copy AFENDS-AUTUMN-2016-032 copy AFENDS-AUTUMN-2016-040 copy AFENDS-AUTUMN-2016-042 copy AFENDS-AUTUMN-2016-051 copy AFENDS-AUTUMN-2016-053 copy AFENDS-AUTUMN-2016-059 copy AFENDS-AUTUMN-2016-062 copy AFENDS-AUTUMN-2016-071 copy AFENDS-AUTUMN-2016-073 copy AFENDS-AUTUMN-2016-081 copy AFENDS-AUTUMN-2016-085 copy AFENDS-AUTUMN-2016-048 copy AFENDS-AUTUMN-2016-092

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