The Secret Society Manifesto

You must understand the power you hold as a woman. It is ripe and fluttering on the edge of ethereal. With this knowledge, you may allow others to bow at your altar, but you should never overindulge in your otherworldly authority.

Don yourself in the most luxurious lingerie at any given opportunity. The finest underpinnings are a form of self-care and leisure.

Honor the golden rule of womanhood: You must love yourself before attempting to love anyone else. It may sound like a feat that is equivalent to reaching nirvana, but there is nothing sweeter than loving you for you.

Realize that stretch marks are beautiful and round bellies are divine. If you cannot bring yourself to honor your body for its beauty, honor your heart for beating and your lungs for taking in oxygen. You owe yourself that much.

It is suggested that one is aware of the constructs of jealousy. It is a menacing green thing that sneaks up your spine and chokes your voice – the only pesticide for such a vulture is complete honesty. Nothing kills a sense of dissatisfaction quicker than admitting you are suffering from envy.

Stretch your perceptions but never cheat your morals.

Know yourself. Know what brings you gratification. Know the difference between those two things. Sex is a gift, a language, a celebration. But, this is what sex is not: a definition.

Support women. Support women regardless of what they look like, how they dress, the hue of their skin, the culture they reign from. Accept that all women are queens and that it is a part of the female duty to help one another find our respective thrones.

Support men. Support the men who appreciate women. Support the men who work to come correct when they wrong a fellow empress. Educate the men who fall crude and ignorant to our feet.

Indulge in hedonist tendencies whenever they arise. A life of pleasure is the only life we shall lead.

Humble yourself at any given opportunity. Realize that your orbit is far vaster than the web of social media highs we are tangled within. Remember that you receive what you give plus some pocket change. There is no modern womanhood equation; there is only a line of the blind leading the blind.

L’Agent Goodies…