Lookbook Lust: Maria Stanley FW16

Despite a wave of designer brands using the west coast as an aesthetic backdrop (see: Isabel Marant’s drought-friendly storefront and Saint Laurent’s recent show at the Palladium), the phrase ‘california cool’ can still equate with denim cutoffs and kitschy boho layering. It is an assumption that seasonless sophistication only works when re-interpreted by east coast transplants, but there is one LA-based designer fighting the stereotype.

In her FW16 lookbook,  Silverlake-based designer Maria Stanley puts the best of SOCAL styling under the spotlight. Ruffle trimmed work-to-dinner dresses are paired with casual smoking slippers for a look that reads effortless in either occasion, while 60’s inspired prints are taken from the catwalk back to the canyon. All this high fashion roaming about Mulholland Dr. serves as a reminder that others seek too often to imitate what, for Angelenos, is naturally ingrained. Perhaps there’s a reason they call it the best coast after all.

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