Live FAST Travelogue: Tribe Of Dreamers by Christin Rose

Annie and Jen, co-founders of Tribe of Dreamers, set out on a great American road trip with a 1950 Shasta Camper named Birdie. Tribe of Dreamers is a jewelry line designed by these two business savvy beauties. All pieces are handcrafted in Los Angeles, oftentimes in partnership with non-profits and artists/poets they admire. They strive to live and inspire a lifestyle in which dreams are not only something we reach for, but something riding along side us in our every day lives. Their jewelry is a manifestation of this message, and this trip was an act of practicing what they preach. They packed up their bags and opened their lives to the strange and often times surprising ways of the road.


No road trip would be complete without ample complications, the perfect playlist, old and new friends who come out of the woodwork, and road side mimosas. The ladies left Los Angeles for Zion National Park, and then headed up through Wyoming. They forewent Yellowstone and Montana because of some gnarly weather and took a hard right through Colorado. They crept through Kentucky and eventually arrived in Nashville, where they acquired two more travelers, Christin Rose and Val Darling, who would traverse the south with them. These women traveled in wonder and fell madly in love with the character of every place they passed through. They garnered endless inspiration from cities like New Orleans and Marfa, and everything between. There is something fateful about traveling on the open highways, through places you would otherwise never encounter. The world becomes simultaneously larger and smaller all in one dose. “Wander with wonder and the whole world becomes home.”

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