Exclusive: Valentina Ruby by Daria Kobayashi Ritch

Model Valentina Ruby proves there are few things more powerful than a careful stare in this exclusive Live FAST editorial, shot by Daria Kobayashi Ritch. Ritch’s photography portfolio is filled to the brim with bright youthful faces and perfectly pouted lips, an attention to gauzy color palates and wishful eyes. Her images are continually as enchanting as they are attractive.

The combination of finessed style and early evening light gives model Valentina Ruby a stage in which her unique look, tousled hair and piercing eyes say more than I could possibly here with words, letters and abstract ideas. It reminds of why we started looking in the first place, and what kinds of surprises we might find. And that look on her face is enough to make me fall in love.


Sugarhigh Lovestoned top, model’s own pants.


edt. by Glassons bodysuit, Title A coat, model’s own shoes


Title A dress, model’s own shoes


edt. by Glassons bodysuit, Title A coat, model’s own shoes


Title A dress


Title A dress


Title A top, Sugarhigh Lovestoned velvet bell bottoms & blazer


Title A dress, model’s own shoes


Sugarhigh Lovestoned top


Title A top, vintage pants

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