Exclusive: “Ghosts of Crossroads” by Benjamin Askinas

When we are found at a new crossroads we often use it as a time to figure out who we are now, who we were, where we are going. We are blocked by a somewhat heartbreaking checkpoint – stop in the road where we are forced to look into ourselves, out of ourselves and all around. We are in motion.


Photographer Benjamin Askinas uses long and double exposure to encapsulate these haphazard moments of life. And who better to epitomize this transience than Brook Power, a free spirit whose magnetic energy seizes our eyes….


The ghosts of roads traveled
Parts of me that are supposed to be covered and now exposed
Delicacy has trickled off me—
I’m restless

brook3953-Edit brook3892-Edit

Often I don’t wait–
I’m anxious for a breath to fill in the space
Waiting for a free rhythm

brook3492-Edit brook3921-Edit

Something indicates you’re behind me
Trailing my muffled steps
I refuse to be adrift
Yet I cannot ignore your lecherous shadow
Depriving me of purity

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Yet I keep looking behind me —
For the ghosts of my crossroads
With every step they melt off me
What I want to be is unlatched

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My movements are bottomless
I walk freely at night
I don’t believe in looking where I’m going
I am an old loneliness
I frolic with my ghosts

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