Hotel Tour: Ritz Carlton Istanbul

There are certain assumptions about Istanbul that hold true. The coffee is strong in a way that almost heals you, like a father’s advice. And should you decide to do as the song suggests and “put on the Ritz,” you will not be disappointed. The Ritz Carlton Istanbul is a step above luxury, with its open air spa and lavish turkish breakfast. Looking out over a place so rich in history and layered in stories, it is impossible not to be hypnotized by the romance of this city. And the Ritz is the ideal place to call home while taking it all in.


When the view can match the heavenly mood there is no need to even move. The outdoor spa at the Ritz is the only place in the city offering such a treat. It features specially designed cooling and calming treatments with a picturesque view of the Bosphorus. Their luxury spa has just about every treatment you could dream up and it’s a wonder we ever wandered our way out. Their gorgeous hammams (turkish baths) on a lower level were created to mimic the style and feel of the 16th century turkish baths of Roxelana (built for the Ottoman Empire’s most infamous woman).

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It’s all so beautiful it makes you wonder if you’re actually allowed in. The ceiling glows and twinkles like a night sky, the room lit a soothing and dreamy blue. To lie back and float in the silence of water in this intricately made space, you just might forget you aren’t swimming on the moon.

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Could there be a better way to pass the days in such a place? If there is we haven’t found it, and frankly we won’t go looking. Because we were pampered and cared for every moment; dined and delighted by the services and subtle wonderment at The Ritz. They have left no desire unfulfilled, and we have left no dish uneaten, no pool unseen, and no drink un-toasted. The perfect resting place for recharging in a city that never ceases to surprise.


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