Art Crush: Winnie Truong


Toronto-based visual artist Winnie Truong has been gathering an admiring audience for years now. We discovered her for ourselves just this past December at Untitled Art Fair in Miami. And it feels like having stumbled into a place I only visit in my dreams, but know well once I get there: beautiful and yet off in the most perfect degree. Her inviting palate of colors and rich to attention to texture pique our interest before we get hypnotized and lost in the tangle of hair. And yes it is hair. Asked once in an interview how she would describe her work to someone who had never seen it, she responded: “I usually tell them that I make really big drawings of hairy faces where hair becomes an unnatural extension of personality and whim of the subject.”


Truong focuses on the subject of hair in her pieces as a means to reimagine it “toward living objects and environments.” With a magnetic draw toward the grotesque, Truong uses her pencil crayons to twist and turn the endless strands into an undeniable conversation and contortion of femininity. She received her BFA in drawing and painting in 2010 from the Ontario College of Art and Design. She has since gone on to host several solo exhibits, collaborative shows, hold residencies, win awards and grants, and manages still to produce these remarkably original pieces that not only bend our minds but our visceral senses as well. What a pleasure.

BotanicalManacles2015_16x18_$1200 Filigreen static1.squarespace-1 static1.squarespace Devonshire2015-LINE WithWings_22x28_$2000

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