Art Crush: Beatrice Oettinger

The term “crush” doesn’t quite cut it here, because we’re head over heals for the extraordinarily beautiful and ethereal handiwork of Beatrice Oettinger. Drawing inspiration from the Brothers Grimm fairy tales and pulling pieces from her natural surroundings, the Berlin-based artist and designer constructs garments suitable for goddesses. Aiming for each piece to be a unique experience for the person wearing it, Oettinger focuses heavily on the concept of femininity and the senses of sight, smell, and touch. Delicate, dainty, and heavenly scented, each article is uniquely crafted using found objects like birch, rose petals, dandelions, and seedlings, and lightweight, flowy silks, cottons, and linens. “Blooming fabrics,” as she refers to them, are in a constant state of change, as the found materials blossom, settle, and wither with time, forming a wearable illustration of the cycle of life.


Beyond the predominant themes of “living” clothing, femininity, and sensuality, Oettinger’s intention surpasses simply wanting to make something beautiful. Working with what materials are in season, each plant has to be prepared and processed in a way different from the previous. Every garment poses a new challenge, and thus a new learning experience. While some of her pieces are inspired by specific fairy tales, such as the Peas Dress, a response to the popular fairy tale “The Princess and the Pea” which deals with levels of sensitivity, other works reference much more technical sources, like the Birchbark Coat, in which each piece of bark is sewn onto the fabric in the form of the Fibonacci sequence. Some garments are wearable, others are not, and some may be made to wear for only one day; nevertheless, the work of Beatrice Oettinger is consistently composed with the utmost thought and care that those lucky enough to come in contact with her creations receive nothing short of a full experience

underwear and clothes with seeds and blossoms of various plants. Made for observation, for wedding and celebration. underwear and clothes with seeds and blossoms of various plants. Made for observation, for wedding and celebration. 1e9f2d45210457.560798ae4e1a6 2e14df45952033.5607be29de826 Wilde Kleider - Wild Clothes 7708a146736955.5607e1df28828 cec63a39338169.5606b12644d71 ElfenfŠnger textile Unikate, wearable art, Beatrice Oettinger, fiber artist, Berlin 73a8cb46736949.5607e018b7a7c Fassadenmalerei - mural painting e1277645927561.5607b9de0f013 77a8bd45952041.5607bb192c4af

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