This Beauty Brand is Changing our Carbon Footprint

Have you ever stopped to think about how much your morning ritual informs your mood for the rest of the day? Consider a time when you’ve reached for your favorite facial cleanser, only to feel the last dollop slip from your fingertips and slide down the drain, or when a steam and eucalyptus scented shampoo relieves you of the last remnants from last night’s party. It can rejuvenate you, fill your void, and even give pause for reflection. But when has it inspired you to actually change?

A new brand in beauty has emerged with this specific mission. STOP THE WATER WHILE USING ME. The message is clear: if they can refrain from using harmful chemicals and animal testing, then you can shut the valve on your sink while you wash, and cleanse yourself of just a drop of the burden you inflict on this earth. It’s possible to save 50 ml of water in the process. This is carbon footprint consciousness packaged as olfactory explorations of calming lavender and sandalwood, or invigorating citrus and herb. But hey, whatever it takes to wake us up.

Call it brilliant marketing, or the extraordinary relationship between scent and memory, but one lather, rinse and repeat of their products leaves a lasting impression. The hot water turns on, your pores open, you begin to feel the direct connection between the skin you’re in and the world that surrounds it, and start to notice how the two are not so different. When both are in need of nourishment, Stop the Water’s products serve as a delicious, natural reminder that we have the tools to provide it.

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