Exclusive: “Clementine Canyon” by Shayna Colvin

I’ve been told once or twice about a place where the sun glows a mellow hue. I’ve been told it’s out there near the edges of the canyon, and only the dreamy eyed and pure of heart can find it. It is there we are able to let loose the ties which bind and rest our tired eyes. There is music in the promised silence and a sweetness to its passing. High in the hills Clementine Canyon calls for you.

Photographer Shayna Colvin has captured model Kate Amundsen in a daytime lullaby. She wanders the grounds wearing Stoned Immaculate Vintage, an effortless vintage grace haloes her. The images look like the sound of a James Taylor song – set against a backdrop of lush greens, earth tones and oranges that pop.

IMG_0292 IMG_0090 IMG_0110 IMG_0133 IMG_0143 IMG_0146 IMG_0181


IMG_0369 IMG_0396 IMG_0433 IMG_0486 IMG_0538 IMG_0595


IMG_0725 IMG_0782 IMG_0357

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