Lingerie Guide: Maison Close “Bel Ami” & “Nuit Infinie”

There is an archetype for the woman who wears lingerie. She is confident, albeit coquettish, drunk with femininity and emboldened by it’s influence to take what she wants. She is an alpha woman, an ultimate object of desire yet, an unremitting independent. In so many editorials we see this figure celebrated as the highest form of womanhood – sexy, sultry, smart, all packaged neatly in Chantilly lace – that we forget this she not a singular being.

The lingerie collections by Maison Close, each crafted of carefully selected fabrics, possessing different pet names and unique adornments, serve to honor the many facets of the female identity. Drawing inspiration from the photography of Helmut Newton and Hans Feurer, there is an underlying theme of strength connecting the brand’s many designs, but the way in which it is portrayed manifests uniquely with every piece. There are frills and scalloped lace for the softer romantic or mesh and satin for the more adventurous.

Villa Bel Ami and Nuit Infinie are the latest collections added to the Maison Close world. Bel Ami is the incarnation of a 60‘s road movie heroin, blending vintage silhouettes with modern eroticism. Catsuits and high waists are reinvented with sheer mesh and bondage-inspired caging. Nuit Infinie presents a new twist on the modern woman, a Dita von Teese for the corporate world. Ready-to-wear inspired corsets and pencil skirts are deconstructed and re-stitched using fetishistic lace-up details that reveal just enough.

Whatever your preference, the choice becomes personal, and the message is one of solidarity. Beautiful things aren’t always the same, and they don’t have to be.

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