Kaos Temple: A Skatepark Like You’ve Never Seen

There is something so fitting and gorgeous about this: a 100-year-old Spanish church was falling to ruin before being salvaged and repurposed into a public skate park. The visionaries behind this endeavor call themselves The Church Brigade and saw a new life in space. Artist Okuda San Miguel, known for his large scale mural work around the world done in rich tapestries of vibrant colors and geometric shapes, agreed with them. In early 2015, he began his work in the church of Santa Barbara in Llanera, Asturias, covering nearly every flat surface. He dubbed the the space Kaos Temple, a place for art lovers and skateboarders to dwell and appreciate and reimagine. He says about the masterpiece, “I think it will be the most important of my career, mainly because it is the most classic stand within art history, who have done all the great artists. It is like my personal Sistine Chapel.”

skatechurch-2 skatechurch-5 skatechurch-6 skatechurch-7

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