Interview Series: Dani Thorne

We recently had the immense pleasure of traveling to Mexico with model, actress, blogger and fashion designer Dani Thorne. Despite her it girl status – she’s the big sister to a huge celebrity, and has been in the spotlight for as long as she can remember – Dani is grounded, kind and has her ego in check. She’s created her own little fashion empire on ValleyCity, an eclectic e-com platform that puts Nasty Gal to shame, where a bunch of hot, young style-obsessed babes create fashion trends under one roof. We sat down with her over a few margaritas at Verana to talk about life, work, female solidarity and what inspires her on the daily. She’s beautiful inside and out!


LF: Hollywood is so very competitive among women your age, yet you’ve manage to gather a community of likeminded individuals who seem to be all about girl power. Can you tell me a little bit about your current views of the industry and Valley City’s positioning as a fashion label? 

DT: Any industry, even fashion, is competitive. I’m not sure exactly why, but even more so with females. However, I love this current movement of sticking together and uplifting each other. It is something I strongly stand for. With ValleyCity, it’s what we are about. All of the pieces are designed by strong creative fashion influencers that bring their personal style and view. Working with all these girls from different backgrounds, styles, and ideas is so inspiring! I think that’s where we are headed with new generation being led by the millennials. I love that ValleyCity and myself can be a part of it.


LF: Is fashion an inherently narcissistic industry?

DT: Yes and no. Yes because it’s about your appearance, which is narcissism. No, because it’s also self expression, which to me is acknowledging your true subconscious feelings and I think that’s important for everyone to do for themselves. I guess it’s just how you decide to look at it.

LF: Tell us about sisterhood in a family of artists / performers. As the big sister, are you kind of the role model?

DT: Yes. I think whether you like it or not, as the older one, they’ll always look to you to teach and guide them. Whether you decided to be a good influence or a bad one, you inspire them. I’d say I’m a pretty good one, but I guess you should be asking them! (Hahaha)


LF: What’s your biggest quality/biggest flaw?

DT: Once again, a question should probably ask the people around me…. I don’t really look at anything as flaw, just something that you haven’t learned or should work on. I truly treat every day as a new day to better myself and who I want to be.

LF: What inspires you? Do you have a favorite song/photo/painting that just brings you to tears and fills you with creativity?

DT: Good question that has a long answer. So I’ll try to keep it short. Miley Cyrus & Her Dead Petz album actually brought tears to my eyes. I connected deeply with a lot of the songs. It’s beautiful. Besides that, I find inspiration everyday from everything I come across, places, plants, colors, people, animals, children, sounds. Yelapa had SO much inspiration everywhere. I loved it!


LF: Who would be your favorite photographer to shoot with if you could pick anyone?

DT: Mario Testino is a creative genius. I’d like to not only work with him, but also watch him work.

LF: Have you ever been camera shy?

DT: I’ve been in front of cameras for longer than I can remember, so not really. Haha!

LF: What gets you off, literally and figuratively?

DT: Hahahahha what?! Hmmm… I love happiness. Genuine happiness. When I meet happy positive people, it fills me with light. It’s an explainable feeling. It’s my favorite.


LF: When are you happiest?

DT: This isn’t meant to be sappy, but anywhere with my babe (Dylan Jetson). Home is wherever we are together. Pure happiness is being together outside in nature, experiencing life. It’s like a drug.

LF: Favorite memory from the trip?

DT: It’s hard to choose because the entire trip is one of my favorite memories to date. If I had to choose one thing… I’d say our nights. Every night I stayed up the latest because I wanted to watch the stars and listen to the sounds of jungle, since it’s so hard to find back home. Each night I got one on one time with you girls while the others went to sleep. First night, Donna. Second night, Teek. On the last night, it was with you. I got the chance to bond with everyone individually and learn about their lives and our common interests. It was such a beautiful experience. To me, it was this strong-female-empowerment-connection. I loved every moment with you guys and made new friends! Which is what life is about.

LF: How FAST do you live?

DT: The fastest ahaha! The world is moving so quickly, society, our industry, that you have to be fast to keep up, but I always need to remind myself to slow down and live in the present moment.

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