Art Crush: Photographer Milosz Rebes

Twenty-three year-old Polish skate photographer Milosz Rebes is telling me about the long and layered history of his country. And I am parsing through photographs he has sent me, time zones feel like nothing as we chat. The world grows increasingly smaller. I am struck by the young men, their skate culture, and the backdrop of Warsaw. He tells me the marbled monuments can be hard to skate, the police and the people. They go looking for something else. Rebes who has been skateboarding since he was eleven began photographing the tight knit skate culture around him after an inspired trip to Barcelona, a skate mecca. His images reach far beyond skate tricks and he aims to capture their world as a whole. And I think it is precisely the reason that to such an outsider, such as myself, his work is fascinating.

Brano rolled ankle

“Two guys from Czech Republic came to Poland to film the new episode for Red Bull Project #skateofmind. Brano injured his ankle really bad just after that he sat under the wall in silence. We were in the most crowded place in Warsaw and dozens of people were walking next to him without even looking. I think this situation illustrates perfectly skateboarding in some countries. People just don’t care about it.”

morning shower

“We were on a skate trip in Copenhagen. We rented a flat from some hippie. The flat was nice but unfortunately it was in some really old tenement house and it was without a bathroom with shower. The only one was in the basement for residents of the building and it was pretty sketchy… it was a better idea to shower in our sink.”

Kevin Baekkel bs nosebpick

“This spot was built in 13 months by group of local skaters and right now its one of the biggest DIY bowls in Europe. Place definitely to skate during stay your in Warsaw.”

Dominik Jaworowski kickflip Gravette portrait-2 Junior switch heel Noah Przemek Hippler fs smith grind Przemek Rick Howard (2) Sfahu skateboarding means freedom Stevie Perez-6 tattoo (20) tattoo (18) PKpush

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